Job Detail

Commissioning and Start-up (CSU) Technicians

We are seeking highly qualified and experienced personnel to work as part of the Voisey’s Bay Mine Expansion Commissioning and Start-up (VBME CSU) team. Commissioning and Start-up work will be in a range of systems including underground material handling and dewatering systems; paste plant systems; 12MVA Powerhouse systems; fresh air raise and return air raise systems and other ancillary facilities. Knowing what to do, and equally important, what not to do, is critical when confronted with daily unplanned events or circumstances during field execution of Commissioning and Start-up. Inherently by its nature and type of work, including first energization of equipment, construction in a brown field environment is a higher risk activity, and there is no room for improvisation.

The Vale VBME CSU group is responsible for: pre-commissioning (S2) tasks required to verify equipment / component integrity; and cold commissioning (S3) tasks required to verify logic and controls will function as designed and Start-up of the equipment. The newly constructed process systems have been divided into commissionable sub-systems consisting of mechanical equipment, piping, and electrical power & controls.  The CSU Group will primarily consist of Lead(s), CSU Technicians, and CSU Technical Support. Each group is supplemented with a construction team, a controls team and an electrical team dedicated to the CSU group.

The successful candidate will be responsible for day-to-day duties and deliverables as follows:

·       Responsible for implementation on a day-to-day basis of a strong health and safety culture in line with the Client’s Safety and Health and Environment management system.

·       Review and provide input and support to the overall commissioning effort.

·       Provide leadership on the project in the execution of the construction completion process ensuring that systems are mechanically completed, turned over and fully commissioned, ready to operate as per requirements of the Systems Completions Specifications.  

·       Responsible for providing direction and support to the Commissioning support trades contractor and operators (when applicable) so they can execute day to day Commissioning activities.  

·       Work with Mechanical Completions and Turnover groups to ensure transfer of subsystems from contractors to the owner.  

·       Verify that the construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up requirements C1, C2, C3 documentation completion as per the projects scope.  

·       Plan and direct the daily commissioning tasks and ensure their safe completion by monitoring and supporting trades and operator activities.

·       Responsible to ensure the commissioning set-up, pre-testing, testing, and process commissioning is efficiently executed to satisfy of commissioning objectives.  

·       Participate in daily work scope and safety meetings, update planners on work completion or delays for schedule.  

·       Perform subsystem walk-downs focusing on identifying deficiencies and turnover readiness.

·       Responsible for ensuring punch items are categorized, completed, and signed off.  

·       Review turn-over documents.  

·       Review commissioning procedures and provided input as required.

·       Execute commissioning tasks, coordinated work in the field and ensure it is carried out in  accordance with written procedures with emphasis on Permit to Work and Lock Out/Tag Out guidelines.  

·       Field Level Testing/Validating/Adjusting equipment (Mechanical & Instrumentation).  

·       Trouble shoot and investigation of running equipment being operated by the Commissioning group.  

·       Completion of check sheets and related paperwork that facilitates turnover of a sub-system to the operating group.  

·       Provided support with start-up activities.  

·       Review project documentation to ensure the commissioning scope is aligned with the construction delivery scope.  

·       Review RFI and MoC logs to verify field changes made by construction are accurate and approved.  

·       Communicate and work collaboratively with various project disciplines – including other Commissioning groups, Commissioning support groups, the Client's project engineering, QA and construction disciplines.  



·       8+ years of Commissioning/Start-up experience on large capital projects and industrial plant sites.

·       10+ years skilled trades professional with extensive work experience on large industrial sites.

·       7+ years combination of education, training and field experience such as Power Engineering Certificate or experience as a Control Room Operator for an industrial process.

·       Demonstrate proficiency in the understanding of isometrics and PID drawings.

·       Previous field level experience in an operating plant.

·       Previous field level leadership for field execution and testing experience on large projects.

·       Previous experience on the Client's led Commissioning efforts is seen as an asset.

·       Demonstrate proficiency in the use MS Excel & Outlook.

·       Strong Organization Skills

·       Strong Communication Skills, both Written & Oral

·       Comfortable working in a team-based environment while possessing the ability to manage and prioritize day to day duties and deliverables.

Voisey's Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
Working Hours
2weeks in 2weeks out rotation, working 12hr days, for the 14days on site and 1day for travel out (10hrs).
Contact Person
Emilie Bouchard
Accommodations are available upon request for all individuals with disabilities taking part in the recruitment and selection process.