Job Detail

Operational Readiness Lead

Job Summary

The purpose of the Continuous Improvement (CI) management team is to evaluate performance against the objectives for the current year and 5-year plan. This evaluation will be used as input for making adjustments to the plan and setting the Objectives andTargets for the coming year. Before the annual budget planning process, theAccountable Site Representative will propose that the plan's development objectives and targets for the following fiscal year are appropriately budgeted.

The CI Development Lead requires the experience to work collaboratively with other Production Superintendents, Managers, and Supervisors within the operation's functional and cross-functional areas to address supplier and customer system deficiencies and achieve capital, operating, and maintenance project goals.

The CI Development Lead will address cycle times, stoping improvements, and ground support systems that include scaling, shotcrete, bolting, and screen installations, all of which contribute to efficient development in the deep.

The CI Development Lead helps to identify potential supply issues, concerns with the quantity of supplies and proper storage in the appropriate areas. The CI DevelopmentLead role is responsible for executing that portion of the Continuous Improvement program to support the execution of the mine development for the Project.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate the production of 1.5 Mtpa from Creighton by completing development cost-effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, the near-term goal is to strive towards an overall average of 8 ft/day ramp advance. Included is the use of tele-remote / automated mobile equipment, implementation of a "single face contractor approach" that maximizes development rates, and optimized development equipments election, all of which achieve the ultimate and near-term goals.


Major Accountabilities

  •  Use Lean Six Sigma and other continuous improvement methodologies to identify key improvement initiatives required to meet the development advance rate objective and then manage the staged implementation and tracking of these initiatives.
  • Liaise with the Operational Readiness (OR teams) to coordinate the Development ofOperational Readiness planning into the processes related to the preparation for the beginning of the Phase 5 ramp, level, and vertical development activities.
  •  Support the implementation all Management Systems related to the mine development, including Operation, Maintenance, Production Control, Health andOperational Safety, Environment and Operational Quality.
  •  Audit and analyze systems within the area(s) of accountability to achieve the. following outputs:
  • Zero harm to employees, the business, the environment, and the community.
  • Achieve/exceed development quality and quantity targets while maximizing development operational efficiency.
  • Achieve total product and unit cost and capital expenditure targets.
  • Work with the HSE Committee to develop actions to improve safety, health, and environmental performance.
  •  Lead and coach members to ensure team members exhibit safe production behaviours.
  •  Develop the area's annual improvement plan and area-specific goals and objectives to achieve the annual Execution Plan. Then, coordinate the implementation of the improvement initiatives and track their effectiveness.
  • Support the development of Execution Plan strategies and implement development plans for the area(s) of responsibility, taking into account targets and related actions to reduce incident frequency rates, environmental performance, development output, quality, costs, and capital expenditures.
  •  Utilize real-time monitoring systems to develop a critical path database that can then be optimized with CI initiatives.
  •  Monitor area production and/or maintenance performance and asset integrity to confirm that processes are in place to maintain the plant and equipment, sustain/build capability, and achieve the objectives outlined in the Execution Plan.
  • Analyze processes, identify common causes of variation, and develop action plans to make the necessary changes to correct the common causes.
  • Provide performance feedback to team members and coach and counsel employees on the process standards.


Working Hours
Contact Person
Carolina Costa
Accommodations are available upon request for all individuals with disabilities taking part in the recruitment and selection process.